Dublin Airport will now be policed by armed guards 7 years ago

Dublin Airport will now be policed by armed guards

Security is being heightened throughout Europe.

The Irish government is taking additional steps to protect its citizens after the death and destruction endured by Brussels on Tuesday.


In Dublin's case, this will involve the introduction of armed guards to police the airport. According to The Irish Times, the capital's newly-formed Regional Support Unit will provide a visible armed presence at the airport, dressed in SWAT-style uniforms and carrying extremely powerful automatic weapons.

An armed division of the Gardaí has always existed in Ireland, and would have been called upon previously in the case of a terrorist attack, but this is the first time that there will be a permanent armed presence at the Dublin Airport.

Fears of a terrorist attack have increased in the days since the tragedy in Brussels, with the FAI also announcing security plans for Ireland's upcoming football matches at the Aviva.