Dublin bar ranks as 3rd "most mysterious" in all of UK and Ireland 7 months ago

Dublin bar ranks as 3rd "most mysterious" in all of UK and Ireland

The Irish "classic prohibition-era speakeasy" impressed.

A Dublin bar has been ranked as the third "most mysterious bar" to visit in the UK and Ireland.


The list was compiled by The Bottle Club, which aimed to find the best-hidden gem spots for a drink following a rise in the number of "speakeasy" bars.

“In a world dominated by social media stories and online advertising, many are drawn to the idea of exclusivity," Director of The Bottle Club Shyam Lakhani said.

"Providing what the consumer craves through secrecy and rarity, the ‘speakeasy’ drives our deepest desire to uncover the mystery, discover the story for ourselves and be part of a premium experience, all at once.”

Bars under consideration were judged on five factors: cocktail range, cost, creativity, Google ratings and secrecy.


Coming third on the list was Dublin's The Blind Pig Speakeasy, located in the city centre.

The Bottle Club described Ireland's only entry in the top 20 as a "classic prohibition-era speakeasy" hidden behind a secret door in a restaurant posing as a bookcase.


"The Blind Pig scores especially well in the creativity category, with a deserved perfect ten score for its combination of enigmatic entrances, interesting interiors and themed drinks," it said.

The Dublin venue came in third behind Liverpool bars The Oracle and 81LTD.

Meanwhile, other Liverpool location Clockworks and Edinburgh watering hole Panda and Sons took the fourth and fifth spot respectively.

You can check out the full rankings on The Bottle Club's website here.


In a social media post, The Blind Pig Speakeasy said it was "delighted" to have placed third on the list.

"We pride ourselves on our secrecy so this is some uplifting news during these strange times," it wrote.

To try and uncover more information about the secretive spot, check out the bar's website at this link.