Dublin City Council to introduce Night Mayor to support nightlife post-Covid 1 year ago

Dublin City Council to introduce Night Mayor to support nightlife post-Covid

The motion will also look at introducing pro-social outdoor spaces for gigs, dining hubs, and more public toilets.

Dublin looks set to introduce a Night Mayor after an emergency motion tabled by Fine Gael was unanimously adopted by Dublin City Council at a meeting on Tuesday.


The motion asked for "ambitious measures" to be put in place to "revitalise and re-energise" the city centre post-Covid.

Some of the measures included in the proposal include the introduction of a Night-Time Mayor for the City to support nightlife culture after the pandemic, as well as an increase in car-free streets in the city centre to enable accessible outdoor dining hubs.

Other measures include the rollout of more pro-social outdoor spaces to encourage safe cultural events, gigs, music and arts performances, as well as spaces for outdoor markets and an increase in public toilets and litter bins.

Fine Gael Councillor Colm O’Rourke, said that the Government plan to ensure that Dublin City is a "pro-social environment" after the pandemic, and believes there will be an increase in "outdoor culture" over the coming months.


He said that they need to ensure the city is "vibrant and safe", adding that the economy could be "seriously impacted" without these measures.

“Due to Covid-19, more people are working from home, and I think that will remain the case for many people even when the impact of Covid-19 eases. After this pandemic, we need to give people a reason to explore and spend time in the city," he said in a statement.

“As well as the elaborate ideas, the basic things need to be implemented too which will make living in Dublin a lot better, such as more public toilets that are safe and clean, more public bins, more car-free areas in the city centre and areas to be created that allow for safe outdoor gigs and markets."

O'Rourke added that the Night-Time Mayor position will be put in place to deal with the changing night-time scene once nightlife activities begin to reopen across the city.


The Mayor would be responsible for advocating for cultural activities within the city, as well as liaising with Gardaí.

“A Night-Time Mayor is a position that has been called for by many previously. The steps should be taken now to ensure that role is in place, particularly for a post-pandemic as Dublin needs a dedicated mayor to deal with the night-time social scene in Dublin City," he continued.

“Covid has changed everything, including our night-time scene, so it has never been as important for a Night-Time Mayor to be in place to advocate for cultural activities in the city and to be an essential liaison with An Garda Síochána to improve the safety of the city.”