Dublin is one of the most friendly cities in the world, apparently 1 year ago

Dublin is one of the most friendly cities in the world, apparently

A new list ranks the capital on the lower end of the very best in the world, but the people are sound.

Hey, remember a few weeks ago when renowned travel bible Lonely Planet threw Dublin under the bus?


If you missed it, a feature that was originally published in March was updated to reflect some notable headline-making difficulties that occurred in the interim period of time, chiefly Dublin Airport-related woes, difficulty in sourcing a hotel room, and sky-rocketing car rental prices.

There are, of course, plenty of other visible issues on the streets of Dublin that didn't make that article – the continued erosion of cultural spaces, an increasingly stark homelessness crisis and a noticeable shortage of taxis late at night, to name but three off the top of our head.

Nonetheless, Dublin is once again placed amidst a rundown of the best cities in the world worth venturing to and exploring, per a new Time Out list released to the world on Monday.

The running order compiles the "53 best cities in the world in 2022". Simple enough brief there. So, where does Dublin rank, then? Why, at the lofty heights of #36, baby! Above the relegation zone, chasing mid-table. Could be worse.


Thousands of worldwide city-dwellers were asked for their unique insights ahead of the list's construction, with a post-pandemic focus on culture, nightlife, food and drink, "places that aren't boring or overly expensive or overrated", public transport, safety and "what's generally popping off" right now all in focus.

So, how does Dublin stack up? Time Out says it's a "vibrant, welcoming and compact city with a pub culture that bars across the world could only dream of replicating", with popular haunts like Brogan's, Hogan's and Grogan's getting shout-outs for more than just the rhythm of their naming scheme.

Perhaps most intriguingly is the statistic that 71% of Dublin natives described the city as an "actively friendly place" – for contrast, 10% said it was "rude" – which places the capital as the official third-friendliest in the overall rundown.

You can view the entire list here, but the coveted Top 10 "best cities in the world for 2022" looks like this:


10. Copenhagen

9. Montreal

8. Berlin

7. Marrakech


6. Prague

5. Amsterdam

4. Glasgow

3. Medellín

2. Chicago


1. Edinburgh

Featured Imagery via Getty / Leah Farrell / RollingNews.ie