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20th Jun 2018

South Dublin County Council claims new Dublin town will be “the worst of all”

Kate Demolder

Clonburris is set to play a central role in addressing the demand for much needed new housing in Dublin.

A Strategic Development Zone (SDZ), which spans 280 hectares and is located between the established communities of Lucan, Clondalkin and Liffey Valley, is set to be the location of Dublin’s newest manmade town, Clonburris.

The town of Clonburris, which aims to see 8,437 homes built to house 21,000 people, is set to be an extremely well-facilitated area, with two train stations close by and opportunity for delivering housing within the Dublin Region and over the next decade and beyond.

However, it seems not everyone is particularly enthralled by the prospect, as the Mayor of South Dublin County Council – former TD Paul Gogarty – says that he believes the plan for Dublin’s newest town is “one of the worst ever.”

In a recent Facebook post entitled “Clonburris SDZ improvements torn to shreds”, Gogarty commented on the new town, stating that he was “fighting the fight” in terms of building sustainable, workable communities where infrastructure, facilities and amenities are provided in tandem with housing provision.

“Having been involved, directly or indirectly in five Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) processes to date I can say, hand on heart, that I believe this one to be the worst of all in terms of input from a majority of elected members to build sustainable, workable communities where infrastructure, facilities and amenities are provided in tandem with housing provision,” Gogarty wrote.

Clip via South Dublin County Council on Vimeo

“In January, many motions aimed at creating additional amenity space, taking out some of the sprawl and putting it highest density at the train stations and relieving traffic choke points were voted down.

“We did get some motions through, though, but last night those positive changes were systematically dismantled in a triumph of ideology over ideas.”

At a meeting which was held on Tuesday evening, a vote was cast which saw councillors vote to adopt the original town planning scheme alongside some amendments – a result which was met with mixed feelings.

The amendments made to the plan include the addition of public transport (buses, trains and the Luas) and community facilities. From now, the plan will be published and anyone who made a submission can make an appeal to An Bord Pleanála.

The scheme, according to Lucan Life, is very likely to be appealed by the board.

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