Eamon Ryan says there could be "staggered" closing and opening times when entertainment sector reopens 8 months ago

Eamon Ryan says there could be "staggered" closing and opening times when entertainment sector reopens

He said that most restrictions should be eased by October.

Minister Eamon Ryan has said that there could be "staggered" closing and opening times when the entertainment sector reopens.


Ryan added that most Covid-19 restrictions should be eased in October, including a "flexible" return to offices.

"Everything won't change, by the time we get into October, most of the restrictions should start to ease," he said on Monday.

"The music and hospitality sector made a good point, we don't want everyone out at the same time, so having a staggered opening and closing times makes sense and a staggered approach to getting back to the offices as well so that we don't see the traffic jams coming back."

When asked when people can expect the majority of restrictions to be eased he said that there will likely be a "flexible approach" starting in the middle of September, with "most of the restrictions being eased in October".


Ryan added that the 11.30pm curfew on indoor hospitality will also likely be lifted, however, opening and closing times for venues may be "staggered" at first.

He said that the return to offices will "start with getting people used to getting back into work" adding that it will be up to employers to assess how employees return as "each office is different".

"Return to work I think is going to be very flexible, return to the offices - it will require a lot of flexibility in individual organisations," he said.

It comes as Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said the government will tomorrow provide a timeline for easing remaining restrictions across Ireland.


The Cabinet subcommittee on Covid-19 is set to meet on Monday to finalise the plans, following a lengthy meeting last week.

That's what the industry is asking for [specific dates]," Minister Simon Coveney said this morning on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

“The Government wants to open up, and to do that as safely as we can. One thing we will definitely do tomorrow is give people specific dates so they can plan their businesses and lives around dates in the future."

Main Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie.