Dad lives on Easter egg diet after being unable to break lifelong habit 5 months ago

Dad lives on Easter egg diet after being unable to break lifelong habit

By Steve Hopkins

Ashley eats between three and six eggs a day


A dad is forced to live on a diet of Easter eggs – and has already scoffed down more than 200 this year. Ashley Kean says he can only digest chocolate, mashed potato, Yorkshire puddings and fruit. So, from January to April each year, he gorges on Easter treats – at a cost of hundreds of pounds.

The 30-year-old sales assistant, of Castleford, West Yorkshire, reckons he eats between three and six eggs a day. But he admits he does get sick of them – and wishes he could eat a normal diet.

The dad-of-two says his strange habits started when he was a baby and have continued into adult life.

He has been to see the doctor about it, but was told everything was “normal” – leading him to think it could be psychological.


Ashley said: “My diet is quite boring and not something I enjoy. I can’t have meals with my two kids so we can’t go out for family meals and stuff like that.

“It is massively frustrating, especially at Christmas.”

From January to April, Ashley says he eats over 250 Easter eggs, between three and six a day, “depending on how hungry I get”.

“It’s like the best part of the year for me. I eat a lot of the £1 Easter eggs and spend a lot of money on them.


A lifelong habit

Ashley says that he threw up every time he tried a new food as a baby, as he was being weaned off milk, and had now developed a severe aversion to trying new foods. Despite visiting numerous doctors over the years, no one has been able to identify the issue.

Ashley says he even requested a “full-body MOT”, expecting that his diet had left him with health problems, but he’s always been given the all-clear.

One possible diagnosis is Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, Ashley says – a condition characterised by the person avoiding certain foods or types of food.


So far this year he has eaten 208 Easter eggs since January – spending around £330 on the sweet treats. But his dietary restrictions have left him depressed and searching for support and help.

Ashley said: “It’s getting to point where it’s coming towards Easter and I’ve had them for past nearly four months. I’m getting quite sick of them.

“On the outside I look like normal 30-year-old. It’s depressing but it’s something I’ve always lived with. The amount of chocolate I eat isn’t normal, yet I’m not diabetic or anything, how is everything fine?”

Ashley says he “loves mash” but doesn’t eat chips or jacket potatoes. Nor meat, veg, or takeaways.

“I’ve tried different foods over the years to try and change my diet but now it’s the fear of being sick. I hate being sick and don’t want to put myself through that. Before I had kids, I couldn’t stand the smell of food or touching food.


“But since having kids I can cook food for them and my partner.

“It does frustrate me that I can’t go out with them and have a meal – if we go out for a meal, I’ll just sit and have a couple of drinks.

“It’s frustrating because where do I go from here? It’s getting to the point where it’s my diet and I have to accept it.”

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