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24th Oct 2014

Eejit of a man tries to buy weed… from his own probation officer

Talk about your all-time backfires...

Eoghan Doherty

Talk about your all-time backfires…

Silly Alvin Cross Jr. Silly, silly, silly Alvin Cross Jr.

According to WALB, the not-so-smart criminal accidentally texted his probation officer asking, “you have some weed?”

That’s right, you heard us correctly, he contacted his own probation officer; the man who’s responsibility it is to make sure that Alvin, having already been released from prison, is returning to society to settle down and set himself on the straight and narrow.

It seems like that rehabilitation period is now going to take slightly longer than expected as, after the text was received, drug agents raided poor Alvin’s house in Albany, Georgia, and discovered a bag of cocaine.

What. A. Muppet.

Remember kids, don’t text your probation officer when you’re looking for drugs do drugs.

Time for a spot of David O’Doherty we reckon…

Hat-tip to WALB, clip via filevskiypark and image via suntblonda.

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