"Egg Boy" won't face charges for breaking egg on Australian Senator 1 year ago

"Egg Boy" won't face charges for breaking egg on Australian Senator

Another man has been charged with assault in relation to the incident.

An Australian teenager, dubbed "Egg Boy" after he smashed a raw egg on the head of Senator Fraser Anning, has been handed an official caution from police and says he has learnt a valuable lesson.

After reviewing footage of the incident, police have said Anning was acting in "self-defence" when he lashed out at Melbourne teenager Will Connolly, after he had broken an egg on him.

17-year-old Connolly was given the title "Egg Boy" on social media after he was filmed cracking the egg over Anning's head while the senator spoke in Melbourne's south-east.

Police decided not to charge Anning or the teenage boy over their actions, but a man who allegedly kicked Connolly when he was held on the ground has been charged with assault.

A man has been released from custody and will be charged on summons.

“The 17-year-old Hampton boy has been issued with an official caution in relation to the incident,” police said.

“On assessment of all the circumstances, the 69-year-old’s actions were treated as self-defence and there was no reasonable prospect of conviction."

A video of last month's clash involving the two went viral and sparked debate in Australia over who should face police action.

The incident happened after Anning caused fury by blaming the New Zealand mosque attacks on Muslim migration.

Connolly stated that the egging was in response to the offensive anti-immigration comments made by Anning in the wake of the attacks.