Confirmed: €200 credit to appear on electricity bills from next month 6 months ago

Confirmed: €200 credit to appear on electricity bills from next month

Minister Eamon Ryan has welcomed the move.

First mooted back in December, a one-off discount on energy bills has officially been signed into law as of Monday morning, 7 March.


The €200 credit will appear on user's bills from April.

Approved in order to offset an overall rise in the cost of living, the measure will register on customer's bills as a credit line of €176.22 – rounded up to €200 when VAT is accounted for.

The credit line should be marked clearly on the relevant bill as 'Government Electricity Credit'.

Though the credit is set to appear from April, it may not be deducted until May or June due to the specific billing cycle of the electricity account in question.


The credit will automatically apply without any additional action from the customer.

In the event of a landlord paying the electricity bill, it will be up to them whether or not to pass the discount on.

Should a dispute arise from the above, the Residential Tenancies Board may be asked to mediate.

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan hailed the move while promising further measures to alleviate the overall financial strain on the general public.


"We are working towards having up to 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030 and we now have supports for homeowners, farms and small businesses to generate their own power and sell any excess to the grid," he said.

"This, in addition to immediate short-term measures, is what we must do – to protect Irish householders from high energy costs over the coming years."

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