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27th Nov 2018

Ana Liffey Drug Project made over 400 targeted interventions at Electric Picnic 2018

Rudi Kinsella

Electric Picnic

The most common substances requiring intervention were MDMA and/or Ecstasy.

The Ana Liffey Drug Project has revealed that 403 individuals received targeted interventions from trained Ana Liffey volunteers at Electric Picnic this year.

The Project was in place on a 24-hour basis from Friday 31 August until Monday 3 September, spanning the entirety of the festival.

Of the 403 people who received targeted intervention, the most common substance reported being used was MDMA and/or Ecstasy (people were using these terms interchangeably).

The second most common substance reported being used was alcohol.

When those requiring intervention were asked what substances they were taking, the third most common response was polydrug use – meaning the consumption of more than one drug simultaneously.

Specifically, festival goers reported taking cocaine and alcohol together; cocaine and MDMA together and taking MDMA and ketamine at the same time.

Tony Duffin CEO of Ana Liffey Drug project said:

“Ana Liffey neither promotes nor denounces substance use but seeks to respond to problems associated with it.

“Ana Liffey’s team worked throughout the weekend at Electric Picnic 2018, to engage proactively with people about drug use, providing evidence based harm reduction interventions to help people stay as safe as possible.

“Festival goers were very receptive to the team and the interventions & information they provided.  Obviously, it is not safe to drink alcohol to excess; and it is certainly true that it is safer not to take illicit or unknown drugs at all.

“However, we are all aware that some people attending music festivals do drink excessively and do take drugs.  I’m happy to say that, once again, we all worked together to reduce the potential for harm.”

55 trained Ana Liffey volunteers provided services throughout the weekend at various locations across the festival grounds; in the Eviction tent, in the Welfare tent and on outreach across the Andy Warhol, Charlie Chaplin, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Oscar Wilde campsites.

People were able to recognise the volunteers who were wearing black t-shirts with Ana Liffey Drug Project on the front and #SaferFromHarm written across the back.

They provided a range of interventions with the most commonly delivered interventions being:

  • Information on drug types and risks to people who were contemplating drug use
  • Safer drug use advice to people who did intend to use drugs and/or alcohol
  • Safer sex interventions regarding condoms and consent

For more information, you can visit the Ana Liffey Drug Project website here.

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