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04th Aug 2017

Man immediately arrested after watching The Emoji Movie for the strangest reason

So icky.


The Emoji Movie has been getting a hard time of it.

The new animated feature which is based around the little faces that you insert in text messages on your smart phone has received a woeful backlash from critics since its release.

It even scores a miserable 6% on Rotten Tomatoes.

No matter how shite the movie might be, no cinema, or actually no public place, deserves to be subject to this sort of weirdness.

A man from New Jersey was allegedly caught masturbating during a screening of The Emoji Movie in his local cinema.

According to NBC New York, the man turned himself in after authorities announced that they were looking for the man who was caught pleasuring himself during the movie.

The matter came to the attention of the cinema when a woman spotted the man with his hands down his pants during the movie.

She was with her children at the time and told one of the managers in the cinema that he was seated alone with his pants unzipped.

He was escorted out of the building by the member of staff and the woman who had spotted the incident at first subsequently called the police when she got home.

After he turned himself in, the man was charged with lewdness and was released on a summons.

This comes two weeks after a Gardaí were on the look out for a man who carried out a similar sexual assault on a crowded bus in Dublin city centre.