Emotional moment Kellie Harrington reacts to scenes from home as she took home Olympic gold 1 year ago

Emotional moment Kellie Harrington reacts to scenes from home as she took home Olympic gold

Incredible stuff.

Kellie Harrington has reacted to the scenes at home in Ireland as she took home gold in the Olympics - and we have to say, it's fairly lovely.


People all across the country have been in awe of Harrington's performance as Irish people from all over are celebrating the victory today.

Team Ireland shared a clip of Harrington as RTE Sport commentator Jacqui Hurley showed her some of the scenes across the country following her incredible win.

"I didn’t even think anyone would be up watching,” an emotional Harrington said in the short video.


What a touching moment ay?

Following the event, Harrington said in an interview that the "whole country" was behind her, describing her win as "the stuff of dreams".

"I feel relief. Anyone who steps in between those ropes is a champion. Every fight has been a tough fight, a gold medal fight," she said.


"I just can't wait to get back home, to lie on the couch, to sleep, to rest, I'm absolutely exhausted to be honest. And my hair, I'm like a fluffy pigeon going around, I'm that right. What a journey, it was just fantastic."

The Dubliner was facing reigning world champion Beatriz Ferreira in the women's lightweight final at Tokyo 2020 when she secured the gold for Ireland. The Brazilian had won her last 16 fights and had not lost a round at these Olympic games.

The fight was won unanimously at 10-9 to Harrington, who, after Michael Carruth and Katie Taylor, became only the third Irish boxer to win Olympic gold.

"There's been times in my career when people say the whole country is behind me. This time I really felt it," Harrington continued.


"People say that's a pressure, but I didn't feel that because I knew that I'd made myself and the people of Ireland proud regardless of the colour of the medal." she concluded.

Proud is an understatement anyways.