Epic best man’s speech video features cardboard box scene from Fr. Ted 7 years ago

Epic best man’s speech video features cardboard box scene from Fr. Ted

Making a video to accompany the best man’s speech seems to be all the rage at Irish weddings these days and this one shot in Co. Cork recently is absolutely priceless.

A few months ago we featured one of the best videos we’ve ever come across here at JOE that saw a rally-driving groom and his best man trying to retrieve the ‘forgotten’ best man’s speech. It was absolutely brilliant and if you missed it, you can check it out here.


In this latest 'best man forgets speech' video, four groomsmen, including the best man, have a few too many drinks before Liam & Catriona O’Donovan’s big day and, SURPRISE, they end up forgetting to bring the speech along to the reception.

Their arduous journey takes them on a 50-mile trek back to the pub where the speech was written and along the way they encounter a number of hilarious obstacles including cardboard boxes that were strategically placed in the middle of the road – Fr. Ted style. You’ll find that at the 7:30 mark.

The four lads featured in the video are Michael O’Donovan, Martin O’Regan, Brian Fenton and the best man, Sean O’Donovan.

Speaking to Michael O’Donovan, JOE asked if the priceless awl lad featured in the video was any relation to the newlyweds: “The ol’ fella is Davy Fenton, he is Brian’s father and a family neighbour to us all, and is always up for a bit of craic…”

The silent(ish) film was shot and edited by the lads’ other friend John Sheehy and although it’s over 14-minutes long we have to say, it’s definitely worth the watch. Fair play to all involved; it certainly brightened up our day, and best of luck to Liam & Catriona who are currently on their way to Cancún... well for some. 

Big thanks to Michael O’Donovan for sending this our way.