Evergreen truck blocks Chinese motorway days after boat blocks Suez Canal 9 months ago

Evergreen truck blocks Chinese motorway days after boat blocks Suez Canal

Are we sure Evergreen aren't just winding us up now?

In what is beginning to look like an international attempt to bring world-wide trade to a halt, an Evergreen lorry has now managed to cause a major traffic jam in China. Seemingly jealous at the attention that its 200,000 tonne ocean counterpart has been attracting over the past week, a truck carrying an Evergreen container has managed to block multiple lanes on the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway.


Dozens of cars can be seen queueing behind the offending lorry, in an incident that mirrors the goings-on at the Suez Canal where an Evergreen container ship is currently holding up more than 260 ships by blocking the waterway. Both have managed to come to a halt at almost identical 45° angles after veering off to the right.

Whilst this lorry incident is technically not the fault of poor old Evergreen, as the jam was really caused by the truck carrying their container, it is still a glorious example of real life truly providing the best comedy. What a week for the Taiwanese company.

Although it does appear that the end may be in sight for the Suez blockage. This morning it was revealed that the stern of the boat has been freed from the shoreline, and that the ship's course has been corrected by 80% according to the Suez Canal Authority. The ship's freedom can't come soon enough, as it is estimated that it is currently blocking billions of euro worth of goods from reaching its destination.