Exit poll finds two-thirds of voters would vote in favour of a united Ireland 4 years ago

Exit poll finds two-thirds of voters would vote in favour of a united Ireland

The latest exit polls also suggests that less than half of voters trust the current government to manage the economy well.

As the vote count continues, with early word suggesting that FF and FG sharing the lead, but with a very strong support for the Greens, as well as an almost unanimous national support to ease divorce restrictions, an exit poll conducted by RTE and TG4 on the voters have revealed some very interesting information.


According to the poll, 65% of voters said that they would vote in favour of a united Ireland if a referendum on the matter were to take place tomorrow.

19% of those polled said they would vote against it, while 15% said they didn't know or refused to answer.

Excluding undecided or non-voters, the figures indicate that the vote would result in 77% in favour of a United Ireland.

Meanwhile, 54% of those polled revealed that they disagreed with the statement: "I trust this Government to manage the economy and public spending well".


Just 42% did agree with that statement, with 4% with no definitive response to the statement.

Additional results from the exit poll include 90% of voters agreeing that the Government needs to prioritise climate change more, 70% agreeing that whole immigration has benefited Ireland society, but 52% of voters also agreed with the statement that "people are coming into Ireland illegally, staying here and freeloading off the State".

Over eight out of ten people agree that Ireland has become much more liberal in recent years, but less than six out of ten people believed that Ireland was "going in the right direction".