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08th Sep 2018

Young family miraculously survive ducking under moving train following dramatic fall

Wil Jones

Pram fall tube London

All three escaped unharmed.

A mother and child had a miraculous escape after falling onto London Underground train tracks, by ducking into a pit between the rails as a train passed over them.

The incident happened at around 10.15pm on Friday night, at Baker Street in the country’s capital.

The woman was walking with a pram, looking up at the overhead arrivals display, when the buggy slipped and the two of them ended up on the tracks.

Her husband then jumped down to try and rescue them, but he also had to duck into a sheltered area to avoid the oncoming train.

The track’s electrical current was then turned off while the family were helped out from under the train and onto the platform.

“Amazingly none of them were seriously hurt, but as a precaution, they were taken to hospital for check-ups,” British Transport Police (BTP) said.

Director of network operations at Transport for London, Nigel Holness, added: “We are relieved that the family who were involved in the incident at Baker Street last night were able to escape unharmed and we offer them our best wishes.

“Having reviewed footage from our platform cameras and spoken to those involved we understand this incident was an accident but it does underline the need for all customers to remain behind the yellow line when waiting for trains or walking along the platform.”

A commuter who saw the fall tweeted to express her relief that the family were safe.

“Thankfully all unharmed,” they wrote.

“The driver is also ok and he did a superb job, along with a chap from the depot that was on his way to work.”

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