Here's some of the famous faces that urged Irish people to vote 5 years ago

Here's some of the famous faces that urged Irish people to vote

They did their bit.

The recent referendum on the Eighth Amendment had the highest turnout in any referendum throughout the entire history of the country.


The two sides did their campaigning all around the country, but the role that social media played in the lead up to the 25th of May is not to be ignored.

A number of celebrities spoke out ahead of the referendum, and urged the people of Ireland to use their vote.

Here's a list of some of the most interesting, most emotional and most random faces to offer their opinion on the historic occasion:

Westmeath's Niall Horan did his bets to encourage the people of Ireland to vote yes.


Hozier did the same.


Pink offered her support. Legend.

IRELAND: #repealthe8th #togetherforyes❤️

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Ireland and Leinster rugby star Cian Healy talked about his own personal relationship with the situation, before encouraging people to vote yes.

Football legend and TV presenter guy urged Ireland to "do the right thing".


Academy Award winner Russell Crowe had a beautiful message.

Dermot O'Leary off the X Factor spoke as "an Irish son and brother".

Even Rylan got in on the act...

English comedian Sarah Millican appealed to anyone that may have been on the fence.

Piers bloody Morgan even did the same!

Boy George too...

Irish comedian Dara O'Briain was ineligible to vote, but was emphatic in what he wanted the Irish to do.

Emma Watson did too, classic Hermione.