Fashion Crime: Man robs local store while dressed in a Homer Simpson onesie 6 years ago

Fashion Crime: Man robs local store while dressed in a Homer Simpson onesie

Somebody call the fashion police! And the real police too actually...

You can forget about the guy who robbed the bank and left all of his personal details with the cashier, because we've just found our new favourite thief. Of course, we're not condoning theft or law-breaking in any way whatsoever but, when it's done in dapper style such as this, we can't help but have a little chuckle to ourselves.

According to The Derby Telegraph (yes, of course JOE subscribes), a thief dressed in a Homer Simpson onesie was among gang members who stole donuts cash from Apu's Kwik-E-Mart Sainsbury's Local supermarket in Newhall, Derbyshire.

Homer, who high-tailed it shortly after, was one of a gang of four males who forced their way into the store and smashed a self-service till before failing in a bid to steal hundreds of packets of cigarettes.

homer smoking

Eileen Banton, a local crime reduction officer, said: “We hope that the distinctive attire of one of the thieves will help someone come forward with information that will help us catch those responsible... One was wearing a blue hooded top, one a grey hooded top and the third is described as wearing a Homer Simpson onesie."

Maybe we'll just put off purchasing our own Homer Simpson onesie until this guy's well and truly behind bars, we wouldn't want there to be any mix-ups, now would we?

homer simpson onesie