Fine Gael TD trolls Brian Cowen with apologetic Jack quote from Father Ted 6 years ago

Fine Gael TD trolls Brian Cowen with apologetic Jack quote from Father Ted

We're loving this.

Incorporating Father Ted quotes into everyday life is a tricky task but one which the die-hard fans will do at ease without even recognising.


For example, if you're sampling a brand new drink for the first time and it's down right shite, you'll compare it to UHT milk.

Or if someone asks you a difficult question that you don't know the answer to, you could answer back with the simple 'I don't know' but it's not as effective as 'Sure, I wouldn't know, I'm from Donegal.

JOE can neither confirm nor deny that Noel Rock is a die-hard Father Ted fan but his latest tweet basically seems to confirm that he likes to throw in the odd Ted-tickler when he gets the chance.

We'll set the scene for you.


Brian Cowen was receiving his law doctorate from the National University of Ireland which was recognising his role in Irish politics.

Speaking at the ceremony in Dublin Castle, Cowen took a look back at the economic downturn and even admitted that he could claim credit for setting the context of the recovery here in Ireland.

He said that the hardship of the recession and the loss of employment was something he deeply regretted and that he was sorry for the 250,000 jobs that were lost.

It was a heartfelt apology from Cowen but one which Noel Rock TD did not accept in the slightest...


Rock compared Cowen's apology to that of Father Jack on the famous show where he issues a mock apology to Bishop Brennan and Father Jessup.

"Now that's sarcasm."

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