Landslide, earthquake, 'huge dump of snow' and female Taoiseach predicted for Ireland in next three years 8 months ago

Landslide, earthquake, 'huge dump of snow' and female Taoiseach predicted for Ireland in next three years

It's set to be an interesting 2022...

Old Moore's Almanac has predicted that Ireland will have its first female Taoiseach by 2025.


The magazine has been published annually for the past 258 years, with new predictions being shared for events to come in the following year.

Correct predictions from previous years include the rise of cryptocurrency, the risk presented to the Great Barrier Reef, and the Covid pandemic.

For Ireland, the almanac is predicting that a female Taoiseach will be elected within the next 3 years, and that preparations have already begun for her campaign.

They've also predicted house price hikes and major weather changes in Ireland, including "a landslide, a giant wave and an earthquake, a heatwave, a drought, and a huge dump of snow".


In sport, the almanac is predicting Dublin to win the All Ireland final, with Limerick taking the Liam McCarthy home for hurling.

Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka are set to win the Australian Open in January, and France are predicted to win the Six Nations.

In world news, there are shortages of items predicted in Europe that will cause panic and hoarding, and a tourist spaceship will have a major incident.

Medical technology is set to amaze in 2022, with the Almanac predicting major changes for people who use wheelchairs, and those that are vision-impaired.


They're also predicting that 2022 will be the year where humans will begin to augment their bodies with technology, where "we merge ourselves with technology to the point that it becomes part of our biology."

Births will stop outnumbering deaths in more countries, and there will be huge advances in virtual sex.

The almanac is also predicting that 2022 will be the year that blockchain technology takes over, with media channels and university courses dedicated to studying cryptocurrency.

The sharing of information on the blockchain is predicted to make huge movements across the world, with censored media making its way to the Middle East and China, and even a revolution in North Korea.


For the full list of predictions for 2022 and beyond, you can buy the Old Moore's Almanac via their website.