Fianna Fáil Councillor calls for designated public drinking areas across the country 1 year ago

Fianna Fáil Councillor calls for designated public drinking areas across the country

“I think we need a proper designated area with proper toilets."

Fianna Fáil Councillor Alan Cheevers is calling for designated public drinking areas to be set up in Irish cities across the country.


Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast on Tuesday, Cheevers said that anti-social behaviour "is always going to be there", however, he believes the introduction of public drinking areas could "make it easier" for Gardaí.

“I think this could be rolled out right across the country,” he said.

“I think that there always will be a minority of people that will cause anti-social behaviour and we never going to get rid of that. That is always going to be there.

“The majority of young people will be responsible to a certain extent. They will look at getting into a particular area where they can actually have a drink in a controlled environment and a designated area, I think it is something we need to look at.”


The Galway City East Councillor said any schemes would need agreement on all sides, adding that Gardaí and local representatives should discuss the plan with student unions before any possible rollout.

“At the end of the day, people, not just students or younger people, people are going to drink outdoors anyway. The reality is a lot of it is down to the price of drink," he said.

"If you have to go into a pub and pay €5 or €6 for a beer, why would you do that when you can go to an off-licence and buy 20 for €20 and go out on the street and drink it. That is the other side of it as well.

“I think we need a proper designated area with proper toilets. A proper area which would be allocated for people to outdoor drink in a safer environment. I think it possibly would make it easier as well for the Gardaí.”


It comes as 14 people were arrested as Gardaí dispersed crowds of youths "loitering" in Dublin City Centre on Sunday night.

On Sunday, 6 June, An Garda Síochána put in place an extensive high visibility policing operation by uniform Gardaí supported by Public Order Units.

Gardaí on occasions engaged with crowds in Stephen’s Green, Temple Bar and South William Street based on public safety concerns and sporadic public order incidents.

In total, 14 people were arrested for public order offences in Dublin City Centre, including three juveniles who were released and referred for Juvenile Diversion Programme.


Four persons received an Adult Caution, and seven people were charged with Court proceedings to follow. No injuries to Gardaí were reported.