Five-week-old puppy found dumped inside a plastic bag in Meath 7 months ago

Five-week-old puppy found dumped inside a plastic bag in Meath

The pug required medical treatment.

A dog rescue service in Meath has discovered a pug that was left inside a plastic bag in Navan.

The five-week-old dog was hours away from death when a member of the public heard it whining on Flower Hill in Navan. After going to investigate, they found the puppy was left inside a plastic bag.

A post on the official Dog Rescue Coolronan Facebook page states that the two people who run the service, Chris Kelly and Ramona Cunningham, were on their way back from Mullingar when they got a call about the puppy.

"Apart from being left to die in a plastic bag, he's skin and bone and full of worms. He's way too young to be away from his mum. He has an issue with one of his back legs which will be checked out by our vets," they said.

Thankfully, a later update stated that the dog's leg is not broken. However, he has rickets due to a lack of calcium.

The posts also states that this puppy "is so emaciated" and that "his back legs are weak due to having no muscle mass at all."

After feeding the dog, he's beginning to walk better. The dog has also been wormed and is resting well.

In light of this incident, Dog Rescue Coolronan are calling for harsher penalties for animal cruelty.

They're also calling on anyone who might have seen something to contact them in the strictest confidence.