More than half of parents have cut back on bills to afford food for their families 1 year ago

More than half of parents have cut back on bills to afford food for their families

Three in 10 parents in Ireland have witnessed child poverty first-hand.

More than half of parents in Ireland have cut back on paying bills in order to afford food for their families.


The research was published by Amárach Research on behalf of Aldi and Barnardos on Tuesday (22 February).

9% of parents felt as though they were close to food poverty.

30% of parents have occasionally skipped meals in order to feed their children.

51% of parents said that they have had to cut down on spending on household and medical bills, loan repayments and transport in order to afford food.


This number grew to 62% of parents who aren't working, including homemakers.

A quarter of parents were worried about not being able to provide food for children in their care, with their main concern referring to rising costs and household finances.

“These research findings align with Barnardos experience of working with vulnerable children and families in communities across Ireland," Suzanne Connolly, CEO Barnardos said.

"We see far too many families, often one parent families, deprived of access to fundamental life essentials such as food and heat.


"Parents tell us of the very difficult decisions they are forced to make to keep their family fed, by either going without a meal themselves, or needing to turn off their heating in order buy food - with one respondent saying they feel like a failure.

“We know that a child who is hungry, cannot concentrate which is why food is such a key part of many of Barnardos services – from providing meals to children daily, and providing families with food parcels to take home.

"Access to affordable nutritious food is key to a child’s development and has a lifelong positive impact on a child.

"Our partnership with Aldi Ireland allows us to support families where access to food and the impact that has on a family, is a very real problem.”


Aldi has raised over €450,000 for Barnardos to date with all profits going towards Barnardos’ Early Years and Family Support Services.

To support Barnardos’ services to vulnerable children and families in Ireland, you can text KIDS to 50300 to donate €4.