Forbes commit to hosting major event in Limerick after controversial article 5 months ago

Forbes commit to hosting major event in Limerick after controversial article

200 million people could be tuning into Limerick.

American business magazine Forbes has committed to hosting a major event in Limerick following the printing of an article that described the area as "stab city".


The article was a profile piece about Irish billionaire brothers and Stripe co-founders John and Patrick Collison who were raised in Limerick.

In the piece published earlier in April, Forbes said of Limerick: “Some call it ‘stab city.'"

“Many folks think Ireland is all rolling green hills and five-star golf courses. But in the middle of the Irish countryside is a city called Limerick - known as the ‘murder capital’ of Europe."

It also described Limerick as a "warzone", where "shootings, pipe bomb attacks and stabbings happened nightly."

The article was later removed from the site after attracting backlash.

In response to it, Patrick Collison wrote: "Not only mistaken about Limerick but the idea of "overcoming" anything is crazy. We are who we are *because* we grew up where we did," while John Collison referred to it as "daft".

Since then, chief content editor of Forbes Randall Lane has told the Mayor of Limerick Michael Collins that when it is safe to travel and convene, he would commit to visiting Limerick personally to host a Forbes 30 under 30 gathering to encompass the young entrepreneurs of Limerick.


According to Collins, Lane said this event would be covered across Forbes' global platforms which reach a monthly audience of around 200 million.

Welcoming the development, Collins said: “This is a creative solution and a positive opportunity that Randall Lane, editor of Forbes, has presented so that a global audience can see the talent that Limerick has incubated.

"In a city where more than 50% of the population is under 35, I think Forbes will be spoilt for choice with some of the brightest minds and talent that is emerging here.

"And I look forward to the story of Limerick’s young, creative and bold minds being showcased to the world at a time when it’s safe to do so.”