Gardai arrest six people after housing protest in Dublin 2 years ago

Gardai arrest six people after housing protest in Dublin

Protestors are demanding the release of those arrested.

Six people have been arrested on North Frederick Street in Dublin at the site of a housing protest. Last month, the property in Dublin's city centre was taken over by activists.


The protests occurred after a number of people that were occupying the house were evicted following an order from the High Court.

Gardaí state that a large crowd gathered during the eviction, and six people were arrested for breaches of the peace under the Public Order Act.

Various images were shared on social media which showed a number of Gardai wearing masks.

Following these arrests, a large crowd of protestors gathered outside the Gardai building at Store Street, Dublin in solidarity for those that were arrested.

At present, Take Back the City claim that two people have since been released.

As you can see in the clip below, one gentleman says that after asking why the Gardai were helping with the eviction, he "was pushed down the steps by one of the men wearing balaclavas, grabbed by the guards and arrested."


Speaking about these protests, TD Ruth Coppinger has said: "People protesting against the housing crisis by occupying empty property in Dublin City removed and terrorised by private security and Gardaí in balaclavas. The Irish State acts swiftly against housing protestors, but inaction to build homes."