Gardaí issue warning after man caught out by PayPal scam 9 months ago

Gardaí issue warning after man caught out by PayPal scam

Don't get caught out.

An Garda Síochána in Cork are urging people to be aware of PayPal scam which caught out a member of the public.

A man reported to the Gardaí last week that a sum of money had been scammed from his PayPal account.

A friend of his had transferred him a three-figure sum of money. But when the man went to verify his account, the verification details had not been sent on by PayPal.

Speaking on Patricia Messinger of C103's Cork Today show, Sergeant John Kelly of Fermoy Garda Station told of how the man in question Googled PayPal.

"The first number that came up he rang," Kelly said. "He provided his bank account details to the person at the end of the call, thinking he’d gotten through to PayPal. The amount concerned then was taken from his bank account.

"He has no comeback because he provided the bank account details and the verification was on the other end of the line."

Kelly advised people about exercising caution and verifying who they're speaking to and dealing with when transferring money.

He also warned the sums of money being scammed are increasing.