Gerry Adams slams DUP for ignoring Stormont talks to save power-sharing 4 years ago

Gerry Adams slams DUP for ignoring Stormont talks to save power-sharing

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has criticised the DUP for "creating an impasse" in the talks restore the power-sharing assembly in the north of Ireland.

“Unionism is at a crossroads," Gerry Adams said in a statement blasting the DUP.


"The DUP needs to decide whether and when it will rise to the challenges of this time and work in genuine partnership with nationalists and republicans, and all sections of our society, on the basis of equality and respect. For everyone."

“Regrettably, thus far in the talks process there has been no substantive progress across all of the key issues that are at the core of the current impasse."

Traditionally, the DUP recuses itself from activity such as negotiations on Sundays for religious reasons, but the Irish Times has pointed out that in times of urgency the party has worked with Sinn Féin on Sundays.

“The DUP’s approach thus far has been to engage in a minimalist way on all of the key issues, including legacy issues; an Irish Language Act; a Bill of Rights; and marriage equality."

Adams also called on Enda Kenny to do more to stand up for people in Northern Ireland, saying "I am sure this concern is shared by the Irish government. The Taoiseach knows that he is the co-equal guarantor, with the British PM, of the Good Friday and other Agreements. People across this island need to see the Taoiseach standing up for these agreements."