Good news: The Irish accent has been ranked as the sexiest one 7 years ago

Good news: The Irish accent has been ranked as the sexiest one

No wonder we always do well abroad.

Last week Irish men were celebrating after being voted the sexiest men in the world and there's even more good news for anyone that lives in the 26 counties.


You'll be happy to hear that this accent has been voted as the most attractive one in the British and Irish isles following a recent survey.

The reserach was undertaken by YouGov and they discovered that the Southern accent ranked as the most attractive one, as voted by British adults.

In fact the winning margin was quite clear, we secured 61% of the votes.

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The Irish brogue ranked higher than the standard British accent (Received Pronounciation) which came in second place.

Tom Jones must be sick after his dulcet Welsh tones had to settle for third place while Yorkshire placed fourth and the West Country in fifth.

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Worst Accent


The worst accent in the survey was the Brummie (Birmingham) one which scored -53 while the Scouse accent from Liverpool was also a non-runner at -33.

Other tones that weren't exactly 'eargasmic' to this survey group included the sounds of Manchester, Del Boy's loveable Cockneyisms,  London and Glaswegian.

You can check out the full survey here.

Hat-tip to i100