Graham Norton's €2.6m beach home is for sale and absolutely bloody spectacular 5 years ago

Graham Norton's €2.6m beach home is for sale and absolutely bloody spectacular

Graham Norton is selling his beach home in England and we should all pitch in and buy it together.

Graham Norton is selling his mansion in Cooden, Bexhill, and it's incredibly special.


A private beach, a playroom, eight bedrooms and a balcony overlooking a golf course.

If that's not luxury, we don't know what is.

The award-winning beach house has underfloor heating, massive balconies at the front and rear, and boasts of a huge landscaped garden with a pool.

Yes, a pool.


Jealous yet? Well, you're about to get a little more green with envy.


The house has its own private beach, which ensures that the resident can enjoy some downtime without any of the public peering in.

All three bedrooms on the first floor have their own en-suites, as well as balconies overlooking the English Channel.

It has been reported that Graham is selling his house to move into a luxurious apartment in London, where he can travel to work more easily.


He also owns a home here in Ireland, just near his native Bandon in Cork, which was picked out by his sister.

Speaking about the holiday home, he told The Irish Times: “It’s just outside Bantry on the Sheep’s Head peninsula which is a beautiful bit of coast.

"I grew up in Bandon, so that whole bit of west Cork I knew very well. I had a place in the city and I was looking for a seaside place and my sister found this house. It is a paradise. I love it,” he added.


Graham's UK home is on the market for €2.6m.