Motorists crossing Irish border urged to apply for Green Cards 3 years ago

Motorists crossing Irish border urged to apply for Green Cards

You'll need it to be insured.

Drivers from the Republic of Ireland are being urged to apply for a Green Card if they plan on driving across the Irish border after the end of next month.


If a no-deal Brexit were to take place, then anyone taking an Irish registered vehicle into the UK, including Northern Ireland, will be required to have an internationally recognised insurance document to show authorities that they have valid motor insurance.

This international insurance document is called a Green Card.

It follows the news last week that licences of UK drivers living in Ireland should exchanged for an Irish one in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Under a no-deal Brexit, The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) warned that motorists would risk the penalties of driving without insurance after the end of the March if they did not have a Green Card.


The Green Card confirms to the UK authorities that you have the legally required minimum third party motor insurance required to drive in the UK.

The MIBI advised the process of getting a Green Card takes around a month, and that insurance companies and insurance brokers will begin issuing Green Cards from next week.

Anyone planning on driving their Irish registered vehicle in Northern Ireland or elsewhere in the UK should contact their insurer or insurance broker one month in advance of their expected travel date.

A Green Card will provide a guarantee of insurance cover for a minimum of 15 days and can remain valid until the expiry date of the motor insurance policy, but the insurance provider will specify an expiry date on the card.