Hairdressers and barbers call for permission to open in June 1 year ago

Hairdressers and barbers call for permission to open in June

As it stands, hairdressers won't be allowed open until 20 July at the earliest.

Hairdressers and barbers in Ireland are calling for permission to reopen next month.


As it stands, hair salons are not expected to reopen until 20 July at the very earliest, according to the roadmap released by the government on Friday night.

The Irish Hairdressers Federation (IHF) released a statement on Tuesday night urging people not to pressure hair professionals into visiting clients' homes to perform hair services before 20 July.

"Please do not put your salon or stylist under pressure to provide you with a product or service that goes against government guidelines or recommendations as a professional industry," the statement read.

Hairdressers have also voiced concerns that a 'black market' situation could arise if they are not allowed reopen by 29 June, the date Phase 3 is due to begin, with the IHF pointing out that salons offering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and a sanitised environment for staff and customers would be far more controlled than individuals moving from house to house.

Speaking on Newstalk on Wednesday morning, Dylan Bradshaw - the owner of Dylan Bradshaw salon in Dublin - said he would be ready to resume work at the beginning of June if allowed.

He said: "I think this hasn’t been thought out really well, to be honest… I definitely think we need to get out a lot earlier.

"If a client comes through the space, then you have to take 15 minutes in between to do a deep cleanse of the station you’re working in. [Then] there’s disposable gowns, and you don’t let anyone into the salon unless it’s appointment only… there is a lot that we have researched."