Head of 2FM hints at a radio return for Al Porter on RTÉ 4 years ago

Head of 2FM hints at a radio return for Al Porter on RTÉ

The head of 2FM has said he believes Al Porter could make a return to radio.

The comedian and radio host left his popular lunchtime slot on Today FM last year following several allegations of sexual misconduct.


But Dan Healy, the boss at the RTÉ station, reckons that Al could be back on the airwaves in the future given his flair for broadcasting.

"Al is a very talented guy, and we haven’t seen how the next few months will settle with Al," he told the Sun.

"The reality is he is a guy who oozes talent."

But, he said, the comedian's future in broadcasting could lie with RTÉ 1 rather than on his own station.


"I don’t think he plays for 2fm," Healy continued.

"That doesn’t mean that RTÉ won’t engage him in the future if all the matters are resolved.

"Until he is through all that, we won’t comment on that one way or another."

Porter stepped down from Today FM in November after the station announced he would be "taking time out" from his show.


In a statement, he said he was "taken aback" by the allegations about him that had circulated in the media.

He also bowed out of the Olympia Theatre's Christmas panto Polly and the Beanstalk, which he had co-produced.