Helpful news for Irish students that plan on heading off on a J1 5 years ago

Helpful news for Irish students that plan on heading off on a J1

Get those forms done early.

Going off on a J1 adventure is undoubtedly one of the best experiences that an Irish student can undertake but as many of you already know, new obstacles and administrative issues are restricting some prospective applicants.


The requirement to have a job in place before arriving in the US - as opposed to previous years when students could just land in the US and look for one there - have been controversial but The Union of Students in Ireland, along with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, have just announced some helpful guidelines for anyone that's still interested in applying for a J1.


The most important point is that the USI are urging any students that want to take part in the J1 programme to sign up early so that they have time to organise a job in advance.

USI President Kevin Donoghue says "We’re urging students to get involved now with the job placement process so they can take up the roles that are on offer. Once students have a job secured, they’ll have all the hard work done and be able to look forward to a great summer in the US.”

There you go, don't leave things too late and if you've got any more questions about the process then take a look here.