Here's how this week's weather is shaping up 5 months ago

Here's how this week's weather is shaping up

Parts of Ireland are going to hit 24 degrees.

Rain, sun, humidity. Rain, sun, humidity; the predictable cycle of the last couple of weeks in Ireland as the mini-heatwave we're experiencing has led to some varying weather conditions.

However, if this is to be our summer, we better make the most of it.

The somewhat erratic conditions are expected to prevail again for most of this week but Tuesday should be a belting day, with the mercury set to hit 24 degrees.

Here's what Met Éireann is predicting.

Monday is set to be generally cloudy, with many areas remaining dry.

There will be some scattered patches of drizzle or light rain too - mainly near west coasts and over northwest and northern areas. Parts of the south and east of the country will get the best sunshine, with highest temperatures ranging from 16 degrees in the north to 22 degrees furthest south.

Monday night will see patches of light rain move across Ulster and parts of north Connacht. Elsewhere, it's set to be dry and humid in most places.

Tuesday is set to be sweltering, but the morning will see a few patches of drizzle or light rain in the north.

The midlands, south and east will see the best of the sunshine on a day that is set to be warm and humid. Highest temperatures will range from 17 degrees in the cloudier north to 23 or 24 over inland Munster and Leinster.

24 degrees, eh? Better get out and enjoy it.

The warm conditions will carry into Wednesday morning, where it's expected that the best of the sunshine will arrive in Leinster and Munster with temperatures in the low twenties. It's set to be cloudier and cooler with outbreaks of rain across the north and west coasts with low cloud and mist - the rain persistent near north coasts.

As for Thursday, it's going to be another warm and humid day. However, clouds and a spell of rain are expected in all areas alongside sunny spells.

Moving into the weekend and Friday will see scattered showers, but the day should be bright and mostly dry with sunny spells throughout.

The early forecast for next weekend is for dry weather with light winds and temperatures well above normal.