High in the sky – Bundles of pot fall from the air in San Diego 8 years ago

High in the sky – Bundles of pot fall from the air in San Diego

Ah, San Diego. What a place.

Not only is it the home of everyone’s favourite Anchorman, Mr Ron Burgundy, but it seems that, once in a while at least, marijuana rains down like manna from heaven.


Trust us, we’re not not blowing smoke here.

ron burgundy smoking

According to a report from NBC’s Channel Four News Team (no, not that one), bundles of pot fell from the sky over the Californian city, arriving in an illegal airdrop from an ultra-light plane that originated in Mexico.

After spotting the suspicious plane,  the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on duty tracked the aircraft as it crossed the border and made its way to a field near Brown Field Airport, less than two miles north of the U.S-Mexico border.


When federal agents caught up with the illegal delivery, they took two people who were clearly down on their pot luck into custody and seized more than 260 pounds of marijuana that had been bundled and tied to a metal cage and which had an estimated street value of €115, 000.

Here at JOE weed well believe that the two pesky perpetrators will end up in the joint for quite a while.