Hilarious marching band fail as tuba players fall on their br-ass 8 years ago

Hilarious marching band fail as tuba players fall on their br-ass

It's every marching band member's worst nightmare, the tuba pileup


Despite sounding like a very rude entry on Urban Dictionary, the ever-feared Tuba Pileup is a very real danger that the average marching band member has to face up to every day in marching band practice.

Of course, you might think we're exaggerating and that they don't particularly worry about falling over all that much, but this video is evidence that it's a terrifying, harrowing ordeal. For this high school band this past weekend, they lived through that terrible nightmare, as one tuba player lost his footing, bringing down all seven of the heavy hitters of the brass section in one fell swoop.

No one was physically hurt in this incident, although two tubas were damaged, but as a a result, day after day, night after night, as they toss and turn trying to get to sleep, these musicians can be heard muttering "you weren't there man, you don't know what it was like".

UPDATE: JOE's resident sousaphonaphologist has just informed us that these instruments are actually sousaphones and not, in fact, tubas as we first suspected. That's probably why he's the sousaphonaphologist and we're not.


Hat tip to Mashable for the video