Holy cow! There's a calf in the back of a car in Ballymena 8 years ago

Holy cow! There's a calf in the back of a car in Ballymena

Another day, another cow in the back of a car story...

You may remember that JOE recently brought you the story of a pair of cows tavelling  along the M50 in the back of car. Well, now it seems that the car in question made it all the way to County Antrim (minus one bovine passenger), or the cow-carrying trend has caught on in the town of Ballymena.


According to a story in The Belfast Telegraph, shoppers out on their Christmas present-buying adventures were shocked to spot a calf being driven around in the back of a Citroen Xsara. Carla Quinn was driving behind the car when her fellow passenger spotted what appeared to be a very large dog in the back seat.

But when it lifted its head she spotted the yellow ear tags – and realised it was a cow. As you do.

Rather than milk any obvious cow puns for all they’re worth, let’s just agree that it’s an udder-ly ridiculous sight to see on the road and moo-ve on, shall we?

Amazingly though, a spokesperson for the PSNI said it was "ill-advised but not illegal" to carry a calf in a car, saying it doesn't breach the offence of driving without due care and attention.

Great, now all the kids are going to want a cow in the back of the car for Christmas.