Holy jaysus Conor McGregor has a lot of money in his wallet 8 years ago

Holy jaysus Conor McGregor has a lot of money in his wallet

Conor McGregor is making some serious coin in the UFC, and has chosen Monday morning to remind JOE that we're totally broke

With a bit of time on his hands thanks to his injury lay off, Conor McGregor has been doing some interesting question and answer sessions on his Twitter, and today he's doing another one.


He was asked a fairly typical question about how much money was in his wallet, but instead of just giving a number, he tweeted this fairly unique response which confirms that when he said he was off the welfare payments when he was on the Late Late earlier this year, he meant it. Big time.

We've never seen a wallet like this, as ours normally has a moth coming out of it when we open it, as well as several receipts for beer, ice-cream, and the abstract concept of loneliness. We don't know why we keep paying for that...

JOE has taken to the calculators to work out how much he's got in there, and by our count it looks like more than we've got and possibly less than Bill Gates, but we haven't seen the Microsoft man's wallet yet.

We're mainly concerned about the pockets on his finely crafted suits, they'll be out of shape if he tries to jam that wallet in there. He'll have his good trousers ruined...