“We wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.” Horslips hit out at use of their song at Irexit conference 3 years ago

“We wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.” Horslips hit out at use of their song at Irexit conference

The band also referred to Nigel Farage as a “Crazy Frog lookalike”.

Irish band Horslips have hit out at the organisers of the Irexit conference for the unauthorised use of their famous song ‘Dearg Doom’ (you may recognise it from the famous soccer anthem, 'Put 'Em Under Pressure') during the event at the weekend.


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UKIP MEP Nigel Farage and journalist John Waters were amongst the speakers at the event, titled ‘Irexit, Freedom to Prosper, at the RDS on Saturday, which, as it says on the tin, the idea of an Irish exit from the European Union as a positive step was flouted.

JOE's Dion Fanning was at the conference and you can read his account of events here.

At some point during the conference, ‘Dearg Doom’ was played to the audience and when word got back to Horslips that it was used without their permission, they didn’t exactly hold back in expressing their thoughts on the matter on the band’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

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“We wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire” and “five hundred damp, self-regarding eejits being patronised by the Crazy Frog lookalike Nigel Farage” were amongst the standout lines from Horslips’ stance on the matter, which you can see above.

On Tuesday evening, Hermann Kelly, Director of Communications for the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFDD) delivered a similarly withering response on behalf of the organisers of the conference, saying that Horslips should be “damn thankful we played their music, few other people listen to it now” and that the band’s “political views are as out of touch as their 1970s flop hairstyles”.

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On Twitter, meanwhile, Kelly called the band “flop-haired geriatrics” that “need to stand up for the Irish Republic rather than being a warm act for the European Unionists”.


Now, there’s a feud we didn’t see coming and we might not have heard the last of it yet.