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07th Nov 2018

Early reports indicate Democrats will reclaim control of the United States House of Representatives

Rory Cashin

house vote

The vote will likely bring with it the first openly gay man to win an election for governor in American history.

Early polls from the US mid-term elections are showing that the Democratic party is likely to be retaking control of the United States House of Representatives.

It will be the first time that the party will have had control of the House in eight years.

NBC News are reporting that, at the time of writing, the Democrats have a 65% chance of taking control of the House, according to an NBC News estimate.

NBC estimates the Democrats will win 224 seats, plus or minus 16 seats.

A party needs to control 218 seats in the House for a majority.

Additionally, Fox News have stated that their Decision Desk can now project that Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years, dealing a major setback to President Trump’s legislative agenda.

If the predictions end up being accurate, the Democrats will have the power to investigate President Trump’s tax returns and any potential conflicts of interest, tackle issues such as the planned Mexico wall and huge tax cuts, as well as challenge his decisions made in regard to Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea.

Despite the early predictions, Trump still seems pretty confident in how the vote will turn out:

And finally, CNN are reporting that Democrat Jared Polis, who currently serves in the House of Representatives, will win the race for governor in Colorado:

“The historic first for Polis means Democrats will retain the governor’s mansion in Colorado and the LGBT community will secure rare representation at the statewide level. During his gubernatorial bid, Polis has pushed for universal health care, free early childhood education and progressing Colorado to a 100% renewable energy state.

“As a freshman, Polis and his spouse Marlon Reis wrote about their experience as a same sex couple in Congress — years before same sex marriage was legalized at the federal level.”

However, those hoping to find out for sure how won what may be waiting a while, as Vox report it could take days – or even weeks – before we learn who won either chamber.

So settle in, this could be a long one.

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