Majority of employers will require employees to visit office on weekly basis 1 month ago

Majority of employers will require employees to visit office on weekly basis

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The majority of Irish employers want their workers to split their time between remote and office working, according to a new survey.


Seven out of 10 employers surveyed confirmed that they were in favour of a hybrid system, while three in 10 would impose little or no limitations when it comes to the location favoured by remote workers.

Over 280 organisations participated in the new study by the Compliance Institute – formerly known as the Association of Compliance Officers of Ireland.

67% of workplaces say employees working from home will still need to visit the office at least once per week.

In contrast, 53% of those surveyed favour employees being in the workplace two to three days per week.

Virtual meetings, now firmly established as a daily fixture across the globe, are expected to continue to dominate work-based communication in the months ahead.

The survey also found that over a quarter of employees will be required to live near enough to the office so that they may commute every week.

"The start of 2022 is looking likely to be something of a trial period for many organisations as they figure out the best way to accommodate their staff’s changed situations, needs, and preferences," said Michael Kavanagh, CEO of the Compliance Institute.


"Our survey indicates that a ‘hybrid’ model, with a mix of home and office work, is likely to be the most preferable option.

"This makes sense given the workplace health precautions that we still need to take in relation to Covid, with reduced numbers and staggered in-office days helping with social distancing and other protocols."

Kavanagh noted that a 'one size fits all' model won't be applicable for all employers and employees, citing a number of businesses that have yet to formalise Covid-based policies in their respective work spaces.