Ikea to introduce €11.50 per hour 'living wage' 5 years ago

Ikea to introduce €11.50 per hour 'living wage'

Well, this is a pretty sound move.

Ikea are raising their minimum wage to €11.50 in their Ballymun store, to align with what a person needs to earn to have an acceptable standard of living in this country.

For full-time staff, that's around €450 per week or €24k per year.

It's also almost €3 higher than the national minimum wage of €8.65 per hour.


Pernille Hagild, IKEA UK and Ireland HR Manager said: "As a values driven organisation we believe in providing a meaningful wage to our co-workers that supports the cost of living no matter where they live.

"We are committed to paying the Living Wage to our co-workers in Ireland by April 2016."

Let's hope other companies follow suit.

H/T to Irish Independent