Here's how Ireland's alcohol and tobacco prices compare to the rest of the EU 9 months ago

Here's how Ireland's alcohol and tobacco prices compare to the rest of the EU

"We're either moving to Bulgaria, Romania or Poland."

Ireland is the most expensive country in the European Union (EU) when it comes to alcohol and tobacco prices according to a report published by Eurostat on Thursday.

Of the 28 EU member states, Ireland topped the survey and were 175% of the average EU price for alcohol and tobacco with our neighbours in the UK coming in at second place on 163%.

The lowest alcohol and tobacco price level in 2016 was registered in Bulgaria (56% of the average) ahead of Hungary (67%), Poland (68%) and Romania (69%).

Ireland was the third highest country (111%) when it came to personal transport equipment and were the fifth most expensive country alongside Finland when it came to food prices (120% of the EU average).

Ireland was above the 100% mark on every item on the list except for household appliances (92% of the EU average) and furniture, carpets and other flooring (99%). These items included, clothing (112%), footwear (109%), electricity, gas and other fuels (110%), consumer electronics and transport (both 100%), communications (134%) and restaurants and hotels (120%).


In 2016, overall consumer goods and services differed widely in price levels in the EU. Ireland had the second highest price level (129% of the EU average) which is just behind Denmark (139%).

At the opposite end of the scale, Bulgaria (48%), while Poland (53%) and Romania (52%) were just above 50% the average.

You can read the full report here.




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