Ireland AM star suffers 'double whammy' of slip ups live on air 10 months ago

Ireland AM star suffers 'double whammy' of slip ups live on air

It made for dynamite TV in fairness.

Ireland AM weatherman Deric Hartigan suffered not one, but two slip ups live on air during Monday's show.


The episode saw the broadcaster visit the Ski Club of Ireland in Kilternan near the Dublin-Wicklow border in order to get a lesson on the snowsports centre's artificial ski-slopes.

Just after 8am during the programme, Hartigan attempted to catch a lift to the top of the slopes live on air.

However, the weatherman appeared to slip in the rain and was dragged several meters on his back as Ireland AM presenters presenters Muireann O'Connell and Tommy Bowe broke into laughter.

"If he doesn't put a smile on your face, no one will," Bowe said of Hartigan.


However, that wasn't the weatherman's only blunder as about a half an hour later in the programme, the show was hit with technical issues due to the rain.

Believing he was not on camera, Hartigan could be heard saying: "For f*** sake".


Fellow Ireland AM presenter Alan Hughes, along with Bowe and O'Connell, later in the show joked about the incident, saying they added some coins to the studio's swear jar on behalf of the weatherman.

While the moments were cut out of the Virgin Media Player's stream of the episode, Hartigan thankfully saw the funny side - posting clips of the incidents to his Twitter account.

"A double whammy Monday to beat all Mondays," his caption on the videos read.

"After Skigate, the pouring rain caused connection to drop; missed cue from studio; couldn't hear a thing and then the team and editor Gary had loads of craic.


"The beauty of live TV. Enjoy."