Irish Cancer Society slams Hollywood stars for photos showing them smoking at Met Gala 1 year ago

Irish Cancer Society slams Hollywood stars for photos showing them smoking at Met Gala

Models and actresses such as Bella Hadid and 50 Shades star Dakota Johnson lit up in the toilets at the famous New York event.

Photos showing high profile celebrities smoking in the toilets at the Met Gala in New York have been slammed by the Irish Cancer Society.

Dakota Johnson - star of 50 Shades of Grey - model Bella Hadid and designer Stella McCartney were all snapped smoking cigarettes at the prestigious event.

"Research tells us that young people’s attitudes and decisions in relation to smoking are influenced by the world around them - this includes the media," says Sarah Chadwich from the Irish Cancer Society.

"Celebrities are role models to their young fans who look up to them for being cool, glamorous and successful.  Whether they realise it or not, when they smoke in films that will be viewed by children, when they are photographed smoking by paparazzi or when they post pictures of themselves smoking on social media - they are promoting a lethal product to young people and acting as tobacco industry spokespeople," she said.


Chadwick added that celebrities who post photos of themselves smoking do the work that advertising companies can not by promoting the habit.

"Smoking rates are at an all-time low of 8pc among 10-17 year olds in Ireland due to large-scale, coordinated and evidence based efforts in tobacco control," she added.

"Tobacco companies can no longer market their products directly to young people through billboards and TV ads. There has been a great deal of progress made.

"To continue the downward trend towards a tobacco free generation, we need ongoing effort to ensure that our young people are aware of the dangers of smoking and the tobacco industry’s evolving strategies to recruit them as customers."