Irish city claims spot on Monopoly’s 80th anniversary World Edition board 6 years ago

Irish city claims spot on Monopoly’s 80th anniversary World Edition board

The votes have been counted and the results are in…

Arguments over the Monopoly board game are set to go global, as the final cities have been chosen for the game’s 80th anniversary World Edition board.


The new edition will be available to buy later this year – sometime in autumn – and it is set to feature Belfast on one of the more expensive locations on the board.

Fair play, Belfast...

The most expensive spots on the board have been claimed by Lima, Peru, and Hong Kong, while the cheapest spots have been given to Giethoorn, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain.

The board positions were chosen by a public vote and according to The Independent, “[the] brown slots were opened up to a ‘Wildcard Week’ where participants could vote for any town or city, big or small, that hadn’t made it onto the most popular list.”

Here’s a look at the final list in full…

Dark Blue: Lima, Peru; Hong Kong, China

Green: Riga, Latvia; Lisbon, Portugal; Istanbul, Turkey


Yellow: Warsaw, Poland; Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile

Red: Belfast, Northern Ireland; Athens, Greece; Belgrade, Serbia

Orange: London, England; Moscow, Russia; Tokyo, Japan

Magenta: New York, NY, U.S.A; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Sydney, Australia

Light Blue: Queenstown, New Zealand; Cape Town, South Africa; Taipei, Taiwan


Brown: Giethoorn, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain

Click on the image below for a bigger picture of the board, just in case you can't remember what colours are where...