A whole host of flights to and from Irish airports on Thursday have been cancelled 1 year ago

A whole host of flights to and from Irish airports on Thursday have been cancelled

Some flights will still be operational, however, so check with your airline before travelling.

Dublin Airport

In Dublin Airport, the runways were reopened at 5.20am on Thursday following snow and ice clearance.

Aer Lingus has said it planned to operate the majority of its short-haul services all morning, with the aim to operate all scheduled flights to and from North America throughout the day. The airline also added that it planned to cease other flight operations by 3pm today.

The airline said that it would provide regular updates on flights to and from Dublin on Friday morning and afternoon, but added that current forecasts suggest that operations might not be possible.

Ryanair has confirmed that it is cancelling a number of flights from Dublin Airport on both Thursday 1 and Friday 2 March, with customers due to be notified via SMS.

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport remains fully operational, however, they are closely monitoring weather patterns and have issued the following statement: "As the weather takes hold we would, however, urge passengers, or those travelling to Shannon to collect passengers from, or bring them to the airport, to contact their relevant airline or website in advance of their journeys."

Cork Airport

Aer Lingus has cancelled all of its remaining flights at Cork Airport today.

The airport's crews have been working all morning to clear compacted snow and ice from the runway and taxiways to facilitate Ryanair flights in and out of London Stanstead before lunchtime. As of 11.02am however, Ryanair has stated that all flights to and from Cork and Kerry Airport have been cancelled for the remainder of the day.