Irish Netflix users warned about "advanced" email scam stealing personal data 2 years ago

Irish Netflix users warned about "advanced" email scam stealing personal data

The website is highly deceptive given how secure it appears.

Irish Netflix users are being warned about a new sophisticated email scam that is collecting victims' credit card numbers.

The notice was issued by ESET Ireland, after it was brought to their attention that "a genuine-looking" and "advanced" Netflix scam was in circulation.


Source: ESET Ireland


This email informs users that their Netflix subscription had expired, while offering them the opportunity to renew their membership. While such scams are common, the major concern surrounds the fact that the fake Netflix page includes a security certificate, a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure ("https") with a padlock and address that looks Irish.


Source: ESET Ireland

"We've seen similar 'Netflix scams' before, but the current seems to be even more advanced," the statement warned.

Complete with a "convincing looking" website, the email leads users to a sign in page, before leading them to a page where billing details are filled out. This information is then passed on to scammers who can sell any persona data to cyber-criminals, while the page redirects to the actual site.

"ESET Ireland recommends Netflix users do not use links in emails to log into their accounts and should particularly avoid filling in any payment details. They should instead log in and check their status the way they always do, and should delete any such suspicious emails, as well as warn their friends about the scam."