Irish nudists are calling for more nude beaches 4 years ago

Irish nudists are calling for more nude beaches

In fairness to them, it has been fairly hot lately...

Pat Gallagher of the Irish Naturist Association spoke to Ocean FM on Tuesday about the issue of "unofficial nudist bathing sites" around the country.


"In Sligo there have been two that have been used for many, many, many years," Gallagher said, referring to spots at Cliffoney and Drumcliffe.

As it stands, Ireland has just one official nudist beach/bathing area — Hawk Cliff in Dalkey in County Dublin, which was given the official designation earlier this year.

Gallagher went on to say that his organisation is "in consultation with one or two county councils" with a view to increasing the number of nudist beaches and bathing areas in the country.

Asked if there were any such areas in Donegal, Gallagher said "Given the coastline that's there, I'm sure there are being used." Gallagher also acknowledged that there are "plenty" of these sites on the east coast.


He went on to defend the practice of nude bathing, and said that he was aware of spots in Ireland that have been used as nude bathing spots for the last 50 years. "Nobody is out to offend anyone and nobody should be offended by a nude body."

He also noted noted that information as to how to get to these sites is available on the Irish Naturist Association website.